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​​You will never see anyone with long beautiful nails of their own without well hydrated skin.  Every day, all of us are continuously stripping away moisture because of how we use our hands. Even simple things like touching paper and washing dishes can affect our hands moisture levels. You need well hydrated skin if you want beautiful healthy nails! If you suffer from dry skin, then these products can help. 


Applying treatment base coats will protect the nail that has developed from everyday use. Since there are various nail symptoms, there are different types of treatment coats to consider. If you want longer, stronger nails, then these products can help.

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Now, the fun part! While I know this is the most important part for most people, Atir considers it the least! Your body doesn't care if your nails are painted Red or Blue, however it does care if you have dry cracked skin, jagged nails that are ridged. With this being said if you are hydrating, maintaining and protecting, then you are free to have fun and Glam up those nails!


​After the nails develop, you will need to maintain what you have grown. The tools in this section are specially for Natural Nails. They are unique in that they will not put too much stress on the nail when using them. If you suffer from splitting/peeling, ridged and or jagged nails, then these products can help.











Pedicure means the act of taking care of the feet. Therefore, a pedicure is not just massaging the feet and applying pretty polish. If you want your feet to look great all the time and not just on pedicure day, then these products can help.