Pedicure Services


Basic Pedicure     $45/30-45 min

The Basic Pedicure includes precise nail shaping, cuticle softening, cleanup, nail buffing, skin exfoliation with ATiR Botanicals Sugar and Shea Butter Scrub,  foot file for calluses, relaxing massage with ATiR Botanicals Foot Cream and topped off with a moisturizing heated wrap. (does NOT include nail Polish)


Pedicure with Glamour  (or French)  $50/45-60 min   

The Pedicure with Glamour includes all aspects of The Basic Pedicure and adds a sticky base coat, two coats of Zoya or ATiR brand natural nail lacquer, one top coat and a quick dry oil to protect the nail polish.


Child’s Pedicure with Glamour (12 and under) $35/30-40 min

The Child's Pedicure includes precise nail shaping, cuticle softening and cleanup, nail buffing, skin exfoliation with ATiR Botanicals Sugar and Shea Butter Scrub, a gentle foot file for calluses, relaxing massage with ATiR Botanicals Foot Cream and a warm wrap before being perfectly polished.



Manicure Services


Basic Manicure     $25/30-45 min

The Basic Manicure includes precise nail shaping, nail sealing, cuticle softening, skin exfoliation with our own sugar and Shea butter scrub, cuticle cleanup, nail exfoliation, application of *treatment base coat(s) or buff to shine. This manicure will finish with a gentle hand massage and a soothing paraffin wax treatment. (does NOT include nail Polish)


Manicure with Glamour (or French)   $25/45-60 min 

The Glamour Manicure includes all of the shaping, softening and exfoliation services of the Basic Manicure but adds a sticky base coat,  two coats of Zoya or ATiR natural nail lacquer,  a flexible top coat,  Quick dry oil to protect the nail polish followed by an indulgent hand massage.


Child’s Manicure     $15/20-30 min

The Child's Manicure with Glamour includes precise nail shaping, sealing, cuticle softening and skin exfoliation ATiR Botanicals Sugar and Shea Butter Scrub, cuticle cleanup, nail exfoliation, base coat, two coats of Zoya or ATiR natural nail lacquer, one top coat, a Quick dry oil to protect the nail polish and a gentle hand massage.


Paraffin Wax Treatment     $10/7-10 min

Dip your hands in warm wax filled with essential oils to ease arthritis pain and to deeply relax muscles. The heat of the wax opens the small pores of the skin and allows the oils and creams to penetrate deep into the skin for ultimate hydration.


*Treatment base coats vary based on the individuals nail condition. Our technicians will suggest and apply a specific treatment for you based on your nail needs for no additional cost!

Perfect for Parties or Groups


We can accommodate up to 12 Manicures and 7 Pedicures in one hour!

Perfect set up for wedding parties, birthday parties, corporate outings or just to catch up with some friends that you haven't seen in a while.

Call today to set up your next party at ATiR!


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