The NAIL-TRITION is a nail nutritive cream that will feed the nails root system with essential amino acids and vitamins to ensure proper nail cell development. The nail starts its development in the root system called the matrix, (which lies directly behind the cuticle). If the root system is dry from washing dishes etc., then the nail plate will become dry and start to show signs of dehydration. These symptoms may include but are not limited to splitting, peeling and breaking. The nails development will slow (just like a plant with dry soil) and the matrix will not produce a strong new cell that will eventually become the ‘new’ nail plate. It is very important to apply a good nourishing cream to “this” area twice a day every day and let it penetrate. It can be applied over nail polish as the area in which it is being fed is ‘behind’ the nail.

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    Featured Ingredients:
    • Safflower Oil contains an essential nutrient, linoleic acid, which along with Vitamin E will prevent nail cell damage
    • Silk Amino Acids are Silk Proteins that bind with Keratin (what your nails are made of) making them stronger and more resilient to breaking and splitting and peeling.
    • Cocoa and Shea Butter are both very rich in vitamins A and E to stimulate healthy nail development in the matrix
    1oz - Paraben and Phthalate Free
    98% Natural - 72% Organic

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