• atir804

COVID's a real issue!

Ok so dry skin isn't a direct link to a COVID-19 symptom by any means BUT in the 21 years of being in this industry, I have never seen dry skin like I have this year! I can only assume it is because of all the extra hand washing and the extreme hand sanitizing that we are all doing these days to prevent the spread of "the Vid". While I so do appreciate all of

the effort done by everyone to keeps those germs at bay, there is a slight problem...we are KILLING OUR HANDS!!! I have ladies coming in on a daily bases with skin so dry that it is literally cracking! Now that is NOT the way to keep germs out of our bodies. With all that said, what can you do to counteract all that washing and sanitizing you ask? Well here ya go ladies. My top 3 MUST DO's to keep your skin soft while we keep our bodies healthy.

#1: Exfoliation: Instant gratification guaranteed!

So many people underestimate the power of exfoliation. When your skin is dry, it builds up extra dead skin cells on your hands and your skin becomes red and chapped. All of these things just make you want to hide your hands in your pockets. NO MORE I SAY! The fix is simple. Use a Sugar Scrub that is filled with moisturizing ingredients like shea, oils and botanicals. Use 2-5 times a week during the winter months to start the healing process and reclaim those beautiful hands.

#2: Hydration: NOT JUST WATER!

I hear this all of the time when I tell a client to hydrate more, "well I drink a lot of water." If we used this same logic for other parts of our body then I would assume that our

hair conditioners and face creams would also then be pointless. LOL. While drinking water is very important, we use our hands more than ANY other part of our body and we are stripping the moisture from them faster than our body can naturally replace it. We need to help mother nature out a bit here and not forget about our creams. There are so many wonderful creams on the market today (ATiR Hand Cream). Don't skimp on this. I know woman who have 15 bottles of cream and they never use any of them because they don't like the way it smells or feels so bottom line, find one that you like and use it often.