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ATiR Turns 30!

This is how it all began...

Why Natural?

In the mid 80's I was 'typical' nail technician, preforming 'typical' Manicures. For many years, I applied acrylics on myself and all of my clients. After six years of seeing my own nails as well as all of my clients nail get worse and worse, I knew that there had to be a better way to achieve beautiful nails of my own without the application of false overlays. After many years of research, I started what is now known as the ATiR's four-part manicuring

program. I am so proud to say that after 30 years of 'going natural', I have helped thousands of men and woman overcome their own battle with overall hands and feet problems.

The Bar...

In the late 80's, I was in a bad car accident that prevented me from sitting to perform manicures the traditional way. I loved what I did and didn't want to give it up because of my sitting restriction. After many weeks of failed attempts to find sitting alternatives, I had my husband build the stand-up manicure table that you see in the picture here. This table allowed me to continue my job as a nail tech but this was not exactly ideal for my clients. I thought, "What can I do to make my clients more comfortable and what will allow me to expand my business?" The answer to those questions have ultimately evolved into what you know today as the ATiR Natural Nail Care Clinic system.

The Rotation...

First and foremost, ask my children, I am an extreme multitasker! I always wanted my clients to have dry time in between coats so being the multitasker that I am, thought, "why couldn't I get this client started early while my other client is drying?", so that is exactly what I did, I bought another bar stool and put it on the side of the table and bounced back and forth between my clients and they loved it! Not only was this productive but it was also fun and social.

The Big Risk...

After my car accident, I received a $10,000 settlement and my business had grown so much that I was booked 4-6 weeks out! I knew that I had to do something more because there were so men and woman who needed my help and that couldn't find solutions from other nail techs. I took the risk, went all in, I took pictures off of the walls of my own home to decorate! I spent my entire settlement on designing a bar, training other nail techs my techniques and trade secrets that I had learned over the years and in late March 1990 we opened up our first Natural nail Care Clinic Salon in Roanoke, Virginia.

The Success...

In 30 years, we have trained over 30 salons to use our concept across the USA. My son and daughter Travis and Brittany opened the Richmond VA market 15 years ago and now own and operate two locations in Richmond Va. Over the last 30 years, we feel so blessed to have helped thousands of clients overcome their everyday hand and feet problems. We have been fortunate enough to donate thousands to local charities and lucky enough to have employeed so many wonderful young men and woman that truly are the backbone of our company.

We have met so many wonderful clients over the years that we consider more family then clients. Thank You for 30 wonderful years of support and we look forward to many more years of personal, professional and community growth. :)

-Rita Lampkin

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