The 21st century has brought about a heightened public awareness of various health issues and the prevention of disease. The majority of our population is not aware that bacteria (i.e. staph) can invade the body through torn or cut and ragged cuticles, damaged fingernails, and/ or through open sores and cuts on dry, chapped hands.


Lacking the knowledge and “how to techniques” on the part of the individual (and often those hired to perform manicure services) only increase these problems.


Caring for your hands and nails should be part of your routine grooming. Most health conscious individuals have established an ongoing care program for their teeth, skin, hair, etc. The hands and nails are equally as important. Our goal is to educate our clients and help them to develop healthy nail care habits.


If you’re interested in developing a new relationship between you and your hands then, try us FREE!


If you live locally to an ATiR salon and want to try us for your first time, it’s easy and it’s FREE! We believe in our philosophy so much and want to share it with everyone. Some restrictions for the first time free manicure include parties, age etc. Call your local ATiR for the individual store restrictions and we always recommend appointments. We hope to see you soon!

Why Natural Nail Care at ATiR?