Our goal is to treat each client with respect while providing superior services in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. We help our clients achieve a new relationship with their hands and feet by introducing them to the benefits of our exclusive program. We offer consultations and design healing programs for individual nail types and symptoms. Our technicians are well trained specialists in the field of Natural Nail Care who have pledged to up hold our philosophy: Let our helping hands help your hands. Read what some of our customers had to say about thier experience at ATiR.

Jeanne Boisineau

Richmond, VA- 2016

"Healthy, Natural Nails."

"After years of having artificial nails, my fingernails were in horrible shape.  Knowing it was damaging and the chemicals were toxic, I searched for a healthy alternative.  The Atir staff not only take incredible care of my nails, they also have educated me on how to keep my nails healthy myself.  I always feel pampered and well-looked after while I'm there, and whether I'm getting a quick clean-up of my cuticles, a simple mani or an afternoon of mani-pedi pampering, it's always a relaxed experience with so much attention to detail.  My mom and mother-in-law had never had or wanted manicures, but the women at Atir made their first ever paraffin treatments and manicures so enjoyable they both were hooked.  Atir is also extremely reasonably priced, especially for the very high quality of service they deliver.  Love me some Atir!"

Carolyn Leake

Richmond, VA- 2016

"Just want to say a Big Thank You to all the staff at Atir.  I have been a customer there since Short Pump opened.  Would not think of going anywhere else to get my manicures and pedicures.  Everyone is efficient and pleasant to be around.  Going there is like having a family gathering and I look forward to it each week.  I highly recommend Atir to everyone."

Carolyn Miller

Richmond, VA- 2016

"I've been coming to ATIR since they opened and couldn't be more pleased with the services and products offered. I've had nothing but positive experiences at each and every visit.  All the staff are friendly, courteous and very professional. They take great pride In their services rendered and the surrounding environment.  I would highly recommend ATIR."

Shelby Kirillin

Richmond, VA- 2016

"ATiR is, by far, my favorite place to get my nails done.  I love the bar concept.  It makes for a great atmosphere and experience.  The second reason is that my polish lasts longer than anywhere else I have been.  They may be slightly more pricy but I think you actually get more bang for your buck because it wears so well!"

Marian Flocco RD

Richmond, VA- 2016

"Love the professional staff, always pleasant and helpful.

Like that no harsh chemicals are being used."





Donna Whitmire


"I had just given up on my chipping,flaking thin nails until I went to this amazing nail clinic. As an artist I was constantly putting my hands in water and chemicals.The nail education I received made me decide to purchase all the products the clinic used and I am thrilled with the results. My long strong healthy nails have never looked so good!! I wish the Bamboo Towlette polish remover pads could be added online to order. When I visit VA again I will definitely make this clinic a top priority!"

Anastasia Flegas

Richmond, VA 2016

"I love going to Atir for my mani/pedis!!!  Though they are a little more expensive, it's so worth it! The products used are less toxic and so much better for your health, which is the main reason I choose Atir. And the place does NOT smell of chemicals. Who needs formaldehyde and other toxins in your body? The staff is super friendly and very attentive to your toes and hands, as well as educate you about your nail health. Though I'm not a "regular" to know everyone by name, most of the staff has been there for years and remembers your face, if not your name.  Do yourself a favor and visit Atir."

Joan Maitre

Richmond, VA 2016

"Atir is my go-to place for total relaxation in addition to a perfect manicure and pedicure. The technicians are well trained and friendly but not intrusive. Come with a friend and enjoy the utmost in TLC!"

Eyvette Turner

Richmond, VA- 2016

"My experience with ATiR Richmond is awesome!! Travis & Brittany are very attentive and make sure all the staff is trained well!  I enjoy every appointment I have there!! My nails were very weak before I came to ATiR, now my nails have begun growing and they are very strong!  I recommend ATiR Richmond to everyone."

Sue Walker

Richmond, VA- 2016

"I've been a loyal ATIR client for more than five years. Each visit is enjoyable and relaxing, as the staff pampers my hands and feet in a cheerful, laid-back atmosphere. Bonus - my manis last up to two weeks, and both hands and feet look great!"

Randi Taggart

Richmond, VA- 2016

"I seldom treat myself to a mani or pedi, but when I do, there's only one place I'll go and that's Atir!
The friendliest faces and best care. They use quality supplies and the establishment is immaculate all the time. The training of new staff is thorough, but turnover seldom happens because people enjoy working there.
You know you're going to leave happy and feeling great when you go to Atir.

I should definitely go more often!!"

Annette Wilson

Richmond, VA- 2016

"Getting my Mani pedi at Atir is always a pleasure.  The staff makes you feel welcome and take care of your needs.  From getting you a hot beverage to helping you put on your jewerly.  Best Mani pedi in Richmond"

Jean Jumet

Richmond, VA -2016

"Wonderful atmosphere.  Wonderful team.  Wonderful services.  Keep it up!"

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