Why ATiR is so different...

Our goal is to treat each client with respect while providing superior services in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. 

The ATiR Natural Nail Care Clinic concept provides a totally different approach to manicure and pedicure services. We do not believe that a manicure is simply an emery board and a bottle of nail polish, reserved only for special occasions. We offer a total hand and nail care program that goes beyond covering up existing problems. We believe that artificial nails not only mask problems, but can damage the natural nails. With the help from our exclusive product line our focus is to help our clients achieve 10 beautiful, healthy nails the most natural way possible.




Our story...

I began wearing acrylic nails in 1982 and wore them for six years. Over time, I found that my natural nails were damaged and had seriously deteriorated. In desperation, I sought professional help but to my disappointment all the nail care industry had to offer was more cover-ups and not a maintenance-cure. Manicures were simply viewed as a pamper session, or worse, used to hide underlying nail problems that needed to be cared for. What if we only washed our hair or brushed our teeth on special occasions? We have daily care regimens for other parts of our body, so why was it acceptable not to be concerned with those parts of our body that are used most often?


I began my own research studying the anatomy of the nail and the healthiest way to address my own nail care problems. I discovered a lot of marketed products that promised stronger, healthier nails but none of them delivered significant results and ultimately, I learned that a balanced diet and proper skin conditioning are the true keys to healthy hands and nails. I learned to bridge the gap between health and beauty. In addition, I fine-tuned different techniques that aided in my rehabilitation process creating what is now Atir Natural Nail Care Clinic’s own 4-Part Program. Now, let our helping hands help your hands!


Rita Gregory, Owner and Founder